How to Have a Lego Party at Home!

lego party game ideasWelcome to My Brick Birthday! After receiving many requests, I have decided to sell my LEGO party ideas online to families who would like to throw a LEGO party at home for their child. The LEGO party idea guide comes with all the direction you need to create a special day, with little hassle. You will only need enough LEGO for each guest and maybe a few supplies you already have around the house or can easily purchase.

All the party games have been tested since 2009 at real LEGO parties with children ages 5-12 as well as adults!

The Unofficial Lego Birthday Party Game Ideas Guide includes the following:

  • How to Use This Guide
  • Basic Materials
  • Overall Tips
  • Buying Bulk LEGO
  • Washing LEGO
  • LEGO Game Instructions for 6 easy games kids will have a blast playing
  • Goodie Bag Ideas

Printable Free Extras:

  • Printable Invitations for a Ninjago, Batman, Star Wars, or LEGO Friends theme
  • Tallest Tower Certificates to give to each guest
How to Order: Click the image below to continue to where you can order the book securely. Once the book is purchased, there will be a link on the last page that will return you to this website to download the printable invitations and tallest tower certificate.

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